LUZ CONSULTEAM GmbH is a management consultancy focusing on work design, business organisation, business and software development in the areas of production, services and trade.

Customer orientation

Creative content work, consistent customer orientation and the pursuit of a fair and motivating working environment are the focus of our actions. Partnership is the basis of our work – the involvement of employees, works councils and managing directors in the decision-making processes guarantees success. According to this philosophy we advise national and international medium-sized and well-known companies.

Services for your process management

Confidence in our performance is the basis of our joint success, proven results reward you. We make sure that your processes contribute to a healthy added value, and offer you the most diverse services around your process management.

If you decide to work with us, you are guaranteed efficient and implementation-oriented project work.

Our employees know how to deal with people, motivate them and achieve joint success. Our references speak for themselves.

Simply get in touch with us and arrange a non-binding initial consultation.

Of course you may also contact us for just an exchange of ideas or to be connected with a specialist from your industry.

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