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The ABC-Analysis is a classic method through which substantial parts of shares, costs, processes and consumption, are determined. If we want to approach a specific problem, we try to achieve maximum success through minimal effort. Using the ABC- Analysis is the best way to do so. If one, for example, wants to quickly increase the productivity in a production sector, one can identify the products which promise the largest ratio potential, by looking at the annual quantity in relation to the processing time.

Item cumulated301591878
Accesses cumulated5.9317.0407.410
Shares accesses cumulated80 %95 %100 %

Dataselection for an efficient ABC-Analysis

By using such an efficient technique, we always achieve the highest possible client benefits. This raises the question, how one gets these basic data and how to process them efficiently, to enable a faultless analysis. In collaboration with the system administrators of our clients, we specify the data request for the data selection. After we have been provided the data, we examine them to see if they are plausible, clean up the database (duplicates, problems with conventions etc.), and lastly import your data to powerful databases. This is where standardized Modules enable an expressive analysis.

ABC Diagramm BalkenABC Balken 2ABC Diagramm KurveABC Diagramm SchriftABC Diagramm Fläche

The ABC-Analysis is often used in combination with XYZ-Analysis, which identifies the selling behaviour and consumption patterns, on top of the largest share. That way, the possibility of the analysis resulting in a false evaluation is precluded.

No matter what data formats, structures or volumes – we create transparency! If needed, our employees will gladly support you with the reengineering of your operating data.

An ABC-Analysis combines essential operating data and therefore is the ideal foundation for process design.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information about the ABC-Analysis!