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Work-Sampling Study

In comparison to time recording, a work-sampling study is not a method for measuring activities but a method for determining time proportions in percent by determining frequencies. In principle, this is a random sampling procedure, but it allows statistically verified statements about the temporal structure of the processes. In many companies it is regarded as a secure method, which has to be repeated at regular intervals.


A work-sampling study is usually carried out to determine distribution time surcharges. These are necessary to calculate complete default times from the basic times measured from the time recordings. At the same time, however, the activity sampling also leads to highly interesting key figures on work shares and surpluses in the process. If interpreted correctly, the results can also be used as targets in premium wage systems.


For the execution of a work-sampling study, we use the activity sampling recording system PROCESS MM. The tours take place after the project creation in the basic module with PDAs or PocketPCs. The work-sampling studies are also particularly suitable for the analysis of activities in administration and administration. Here we have also determined highly interesting results, for example, in supermarkets and wholesalers.

A distribution time recording according to known methodology for work-sampling studies. The selection of the optimal method depends on the size of the working system and the objective pursued.

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