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.NET Software-Platform

With . NET, Microsoft has created an innovative strategy that includes products, as well as technologies or programming languages. We orientate ourselves on the progress in information technology, we trust in the . NET strategy. It is our goal to optimally support our clients’ business processes with tailor-made IT solutions. Our strength lies in our knowledge of all systems and development environments. Therefore, we can carry out a system conception for you, which ideally combines existing and new things to be developed.

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Applications for Smartphones and Tablets

In combination with our web applications and our Windows application programs, we develop solutions for smartphones and devices based on the . NET compact framework. Our apps are exclusively aimed at e-business solutions.

High-performance e-business solutions

In addition to the PROCESS SUITE, we have developed a large number of individual applications in recent years that support the production, and business processes of many companies. The development of a basic framework has enabled us to quickly develop company-specific requests as web applications or Windows programs, or combinations of both, very quickly.


Consulting, Monitoring, Administration – We have the solution for your daily IT needs. Use our experience for your work – Use our IT infrastructure. We’re offering high-performance hardware or virtual servers to host your application. We guarantee an availability of 99. 9% and a solution that is tailored to your requirements.


Our PROCESS TM software is the ideal solution for the execution of individual time studies up to the integration of a complete time management structure in a company, as it contains the required digital clock as well as broad evaluation possibilities. The observer simply loads the digital clock onto their PC, notebook, tablet PC or pocket PC (PDA) and can start the time study immediately.


With the PROCESS MM module, simple but also very complex time studies can be carried out with little effort to determine distribution time surcharges or time share analyses. Today PROCESS MM is an integral part of the time management software PROCESS TM.


PROCESS PM is a practice-tested intranet solution for premium wage calculation, which covers the range of functions up to the transfer to gross wage accounting in personnel administration.


PROCESS MX is a software for mapping warehouses. With the help of a graphical editor, shelves, wall elements, order starting points and path graphs are mapped to scale on a virtual storage area.


PROCESS LS is the unique solution for the optimization of complex warehouse layouts using real data based simulation calculations. The “ideal” warehouse is designed by simulating the effects of changes in the warehouse layout on personnel demands and productivity on the basis of real order data.


Training and seminars

Know How Transfer – We are happy to pass on our knowledge. As a Microsoft certified partner, we train your employees in the basics and advanced applications of Microsoft products with a focus on practice-oriented applications. We are also happy to offer advice for your current problems, e. g. in the field of information technology.

We support you in technological matters

The IT architecture has a decisive influence on the success of a company. Nevertheless, it is often developed spontaneously and short-term oriented to meet recent requirements. The rapid dynamics of the market expect an IT architecture that reflects change, supports it and can be flexibly adapted while at the same time being holistic, clearly structured and sustainable. This increases the growth, efficiency and added value of your business.