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In combination with our web applications and our Windows application programs, we develop solutions for smartphones and devices based on the .NET compact framework. The objectives of our apps are exclusively in the area of e-business solutions.

We have, for example, developed programs for mobile data collection using handheld scanners with the Windows Mobile operating system to record transactions or status changes, or applications for mobile production data collection that communicate with host solutions via web services.

The data can be transmitted online, (in-house Wi-Fi or externally via radio data transmission) or offline to the leading system. Today’s almost nationwide mobile radio technology leaves hardly anything to be desired. For example, the dispatching control center of a forwarding company can monitor the location, status and occupancy of the fleet online and, if necessary, avoid empty runs due to new orders on the destination route.

In industrial companies, the order status messages can be transmitted online in order to keep the control station up to date at all times and to provide the controller with important key figures for optimum capacity utilisation.

In the field of logistics, for example, we can map a complete tracking of the goods up to a complete warehouse management system.

In addition to a safe and trouble-free application, a user-friendly and self-explanatory design of the dialogues is decisive for our development.

We are happy develop a tailor-made concept for you.

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