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Recovery time determination

We often find agreements about recovery times in the companies we work with. They often originated in the 60/70s, where the focus was not yet primarily on the design of ergonomic workplaces and therefore the surcharges we find had their justification.

Today, due to the many internal and external improvement processes, processes are designed in such a way that recovery times are only occasionally justified (e.g. working in cold stores, air traffic control, etc.).

Not only does this lead to tensions between the parties to contract, but there is also a lack of awareness of what is actually hidden behind recovery times.

It is thus not a work break within the meaning of the Working Time Act, but an interruption of work which occurs depending on the type of work to be performed, and which should be provided for as soon as possible after the work has been carried out. Under certain circumstances, times for interruptions caused by a process and interruptions caused by a malfunction can be counted as recovery times. By suitable work structuring, in particular by work organisation, the strain can often be compensated by a change of load instead of a recovery period.

To determine the recovery time, we use the following methods:

With the aim of creating a more humane working environment, we are nowadays attempting to design working processes in such a way that recovery times are not required in the first place. Where needed, we will determine the necessary recovery times using secure methods.

Where the relationship between management and works council is already tense, and the economic situation requires drastic measures, we are happy to support you as neutral partners. In this case, a short workshop with skilful moderation is often helpful in order to bring the participants to a common expert knowledge, before working out a solution in a discussion.

A recovery time determination with the collected data leads to a more balanced working method through a rested workforce.

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