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The constantly growing demands on performance and flexibility combined with increasing cost and competitive pressure require holistic control and management of all processes along the logistics value chain. Logistics Controlling needs to create the necessary transparency in order to prepare decisions and manage and secure existing business. A goal-oriented, structured and methodical approach must be followed, and the determination of reliable basic data is the elementary requirement for success.

Here we support well-known logistics service providers, for example through

  • Determination of standard times

    Determination of target times by using a known method for the subprocesses in relation to the activity unit. For example, a picking process can be expressed in terms of its performance in pos/h. However, the order structure is not taken into account. Therefore, we provide much more detailed information for our customers. For example, order times, position times, piece times, travel times and special services are calculated separately. Gripping classes (quantity, weight, packaging units) can also be dimensioned and provided accordingly. This way, even extreme changes in customer order structures can be mapped precisely and visibly in Controlling.

  • Determination of the necessary KPI’s

    (Key Performance Indicator)

    For the analysis of performance data both the TARGET and the ACTUAL data are required. We support you in the development of key figures and in the sustainable determination, for example through conception, dimensioning, budgeting and implementation of recording tools such as PTR (personnel time recording) or PDR (production data recording). We develop the interfaces and consolidate all data in a convenient management system (e. g. PROCESS PM).

  • Usage of all current database systems

    The use of all current database systems is a matter of course for us. We select the important data from the complex structures, condense, link, integrate plausibility checks and prepare the information in targeted management reports.

  • Process mapping

    In order to map the physical and IT processes into an intelligent controlling system, the operational costs must of course be taken into account. Static cost accounting models quickly reach their limits here. The use of dynamic process costing models is necessary. Over the years, we have developed a large number of models that are used successfully in logistics companies today.

  • Planning processes

    In addition to the controlling of existing processes, the importance of planning processes is also increasing steadily. Stagnating means taking a step backwards, so it is necessary to expand existing business and generate new business. Logistics particularly plays a central role in tendering processes. But how can new processes be reliably calculated if the necessary key figures are missing? With the experience of our consultants and our key figures from all areas of production, services and administration, we can support you during this process!

  • Value added services

    Value Added Services – the relocation of additional value-added processes from manufacturers to service providers is an interesting additional business for logistics providers. Often a corresponding transfer of know-how is necessary. The margins for VAS are generally low and require intensive process controlling. We support you in shortening the start-up curve, optimizing processes, developing controlling tools and preparing contract negotiations.

Smooth processes and maximum performance can only be guaranteed through proper controlling.

 Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information about controlling!