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Why premium wage?

Hardly any other topic in the field of ergonomics is as decisive as this one. The determination of requirements serves as the basis for the

The work requirements for people consist of the work task, the working environment, the work equipment and the work organisation. These 4 factors combined, act as a strain on the employee. As simple as this definition sounds, it is the task of professionals to design the optimal working system in order to keep the strain on the employee as low as possible, while achieving maximum productivity.

The demand-dependent differentiation of wages often depends on the structure of the work system. The wrong evaluation of jobs can not only cost the company a lot of money, but also worsen the situation of the employees decisively.

Requirement determination

The following request types are taken into account

  • Proficiency

  • Skills

  • Responsibilities

  • Mental strains

  • Physical strains

  • Environmental influences

Entgeldrahmenabkommen – ERA (unified pay-scale agreement)

The following aspects are assessed

  • Skills

  • Decision-making scope and scope of action

  • Cooperation

  • Leadership

The components have different weightings.

New design or redesign is a very sensitive issue. Here we are valued as a neutral partner with the necessary experience, gained from a multitude of comparable situations, and the necessary foresight and qualifications to mediate between conflicts of interest.

A fair premium wage leads to more employee satisfaction and higher productivity for your company.

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