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Distribution time study

The distribution time is usually used to determine the allowance time surcharges. These are required to determine the target times. They are added from the basic times determined in the time recordings. A distinction is made between personal need allowances, which are usually negotiated between the contracting parties, and factually variable and factually constant distribution times. The recording itself is done by time measurement similar to the time recording, but without performance evaluation.

The problem with distribution time studies

In practice, one often finds completely obsolete surcharges that no longer correspond to the current processes. The realisation of new distribution time surcharges usually fails because it is an “uncomfortable” process: the recordings are very time-consuming and usually laid down in company agreements, which therefore have to be terminated and renegotiated. Vested rights are called into question. However, a considerable savings volume can also be expected, as the data obtained from distribution time studies are usually used across the board. Below is an excerpt from the time management software PROCESS TM, which shows a typical result situation.

Ermittlung Verteilzeitzuschläge Tabelle

In addition to the surcharges for standard times, the surcharge rates also play a decisive role as a benchmark indicator. From countless projects, we can provide appropriate key figures for location determination and realistic targets for a wide range of industries.

Similar to the time recording, we also use the results of the distribution time studies to optimize the processes. The differentiated consideration of the different shares of the distribution times (a professional recording is required) gives information about the process security and necessary measures. If the share for business calls is very high, one can assume that the process is not yet secure. Training courses, work instructions and workshops with the employees involved, for example, can help here. We continuously develop these measures together with our clients.

Ablaufabschnitt Tabelle

The competing method for determining the distribution times is activity sampling.

The selection of the optimal method depends on the size of the working system and the objective pursued.

We are pleased to advise you in all matters, even apart from the distribution time recording.

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